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Shop our French Style


The French look mixes soft textures, aged patinas and deep wood tones together to create a sophisticated and dramatic style.  The colors that are often used are creams, pinks, blues and purples.  

Shop our Cottage Style


A cottage look brings warmth and intimacy to a room.  White is the main color used but softer shades play a supporting role.  If you are drawn to furnishing with simple shapes, then this is the style for you.

Shop our Ecelectic Style


If you are someone who collects items that you love and adore this eclectic line is for you.  This style is based on uniqueness and a mentality that “if you love it, it will fit!”  Color combinations are based on the style of the room and almost any texture or pattern will work.



Who we are

This business was started with a lot of passion and a strong need to express who we are.


Crazy Legs got its start when a friendship sparked between Terry and Adrienne.  Adrienne was a stay at home mom and Terry was school teacher and their discussions often drifted towards design, color antiques, furniture refinishing and painting.  These joint interests produced a partnership devoted to furniture refinishing and the creation of painted pieces or room designs which uniquely conveyed the client's style.


After Terry and Adrian came in and worked their magic, my kitchen transformation is amazing! They were able to translate my ideas into a masterpiece. I would highly recommend Crazy Legs for any project your considering.

Lynne Alkemade, Software Company