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A cottage look brings warmth and intimacy to a room.  White is the main color used but softer shades play a supporting role.  If you are drawn to furnishing with simple shapes, the beach or like nostalgia then shop our Cottage Line.

Shop our Cottage Style


The French look mixes soft textures, aged patinas and deep wood tones together to create a sophisticated and dramatic style.  The colors that are often used are creams, pinks, blues and purples.  Search our La Mason line if you are drawn to the formal glamour of tailored and graceful lines.

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If you are someone who collects items that you love and adore, our Grey Rabbit Line is the perfect fit.  This eclectic line is based on uniqueness and a mentality that “if you love it, it will fit!”  Color combinations are based on the style of the room and almost any texture or pattern will work.


Who we are

Calloway’s and Crazy Legs Creations have championed together to offer a new concept to the consummate consumer that creates an unique shopping experience. We believe that in modern times the market has been flooded with mass produced items and the consummate consumer is feeling betrayed by these large muti-chain stores. Whether it be a chair, home accessory, T-shirt or an entire wardrobe the consummate consumer sees sameness in every avenue of life. The excitement of finding that unique well crafted piece is gone and is being replaced with a weariness of mass market productions. The consummate consumer is one who yearns for a long-ago time when markets proudly exhibited the works of artist and artisans. So in honor of these century old tradition we have scoured the country and in a limited sense the world in order to purvey to you, the consummate consumer, the finest artisan goods. When you step into our market, your experience will not be limited to a brand-new creation, it will also encompass the concepts of restoring, restyling or reinterpretation of a found item. It is a market that not only embraces new creative designs but also values giving new life or new function to a found object. Whatever you purchase , you can be confident it has our unique hand print on it.
Calloway’s and Crazy Legs Creations proudly present to you: GALORIE NOIR


After Terry and Adrian came in and worked their magic, my kitchen transformation is amazing! They were able to translate my ideas into a masterpiece. I would highly recommend Crazy Legs for any project your considering.

Lynne Alkemade, Software Company